Rudy and I shot our very first winter wedding last night. Actually, it wasn’t just out first time shooting a winter wedding. It was our first time even attending a wedding that wasn’t sometime between May and October.

When you live in Winnipeg (a city known for being colder than Mars in the dead of winter), a wedding in the winter months doesn’t sound ideal to most people.

That being said, last night’s wedding made me reconsider some of my long-held views on winter weddings.

The following are a few reasons to consider getting married in the months between November and March.

  1. It’s cozy! Instead of feeling sweaty after a day in the heat, you get to curl up with your new partner by a cozy fireplace.
  2. Brides can rock the ‘Queen of the North’ vibe. Who doesn’t love the gorgeous shrugs, stoles and capes that winter brides get to wear? It’s just so elegant.
  3. Three words: Off-season discount. Winter is the off-season in the wedding industry, so many professionals may be willing to negotiate their rates.
  4. It’s better for last-minute bookings. Do you know how far in advance you have to book prime venue locations in the summer? (Hint: it’s far!) By choosing a winter wedding, you open yourself up to greater choice of vendors and locations.
  5. It’s great for couples that want a fancy wedding, or want to encourage guests to come dressed up. Winter is an ideal time to bring out their long beautiful dresses (I saw SO many great sequined dresses last night!) and for men to wear their nicest suits without worry of getting too hot.