Fort Garry Brewing

I had the pleasure of working with 6PMarketing to produce video and billboard content for the Dark Adventures Await campaign for Fort Garry Brewing in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The spots aired online, on broadcast television and digital billboard (both video and stills).


 The Dark and Delicious spot was a little out of the ordinary, as we filmed a product (dark beer!) instead of people, like I’d normally shoot. It was a challenge to get lighting just right, but Director of Photography, Sam Karney, did a great job of it. I really liked the idea from the team at 6PMarketing to have the moon from the head at the top of the glass and I thought that we really effectively achieved this in the end. The spot has aired locally during such shows as Saturday Night Live, Hockey Night in Canada and during Sunday football. 

The Dark Adventures Await spot was fun to shoot. Using a small crew and lots of on-set sanitization, we shot it over an evening in late summer 2020. The night was a hoot. The talent in front of the lens were all great to work with. Dark Adventures Await was for the online and video billboard component of the advertising campaign.